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We want everyone in the UK to be Geared for Giving at work…
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Duncan Bannatyne
Chairman of Bannatyne Fitness
and star of Dragon's Den

Duncan says…

It’s been over 7 years since I was asked to help launch the Geared for Giving Campaign

Workplace Giving, like all good ideas is simple. I wanted to encourage other business leaders by taking up the challenge and getting my company Geared for Giving.

In the current economic climate it is more important than ever to ensure that all donations made to good causes are done in the most tax efficient way possible.

I would urge every employer, large or small, to ensure that they are part of the Campaign; that they have a scheme in place, promote the scheme and help to spread the word to their customers and suppliers.

When we launched the Campaign our target was to open the scheme up to a million more employees. We achieved this, but there is much more to do.

The experience of introducing Workplace Giving can only be described as rewarding and uplifting… read more

Paul Bridge
Chief Executive
Homes for Haringey

Paul says…

Our vision for Homes for Haringey is of a valued and exceptional company, maximising its positive impact on people’s lives.

Our employees saw our launch of Workplace Giving as a positive experience and by promoting the scheme to as many of our employees as we could, they all felt involved and that their charitable giving was supported by us as an organisation. Since the launch we have had positive feedback from many of those who became involved.

The launch brought people together, sparked discussions about charities and charitable giving. It focused attention on what we as an organisation do, how we are perceived by the general public and how difficult it is for some charities to attract funding and donations.

I would encourage more employers to become Geared for Giving and I think they will be proud of the way it is embraced by their workforce.

Every day, every week, every year, everyone in the Red Cross and everyone that supports us saves lives… read more

Sir Nicholas Young
Chief Executive
British Red Cross

Nicholas says…

For many years, Workplace Giving has been the ‘Cinderella’ of fundraising techniques. Little heard of, even less mentioned and yet, ironically, it’s one of the most lucrative forms of fundraising any charity, including the British Red Cross, has at its disposal.

Workplace Giving has the potential to be enormous. Yet it isn’t. Workplace Giving could be one of the most successful forms of fundraising in the UK. It is a remarkably easy, efficient and simple way for people to give.

Working together with the corporate sector I think we can transform the landscape of employee participation, and the only thing that’s stopping us is the imagination and the will to do it. We need to encourage businesses to open their doors to us; so we can ensure that their employees open their hearts to us.

This year alone nearly £500,000 will be donated to the British Red Cross by the kind people who give to us, month in month out, directly from their salaries.

I think my travels have opened my eyes to the way some of the world treats the rest of the world… read more

Vicki Graham
Customer Service Officer

Vicki says…

I give £5 each month to Amnesty International because they touch on issues I feel strongly about, like personal freedoms and human rights. I think my travels have informed my view and opened my eyes to the way some of the world treats the rest of the world.

A lot of people I know give to children’s causes or animal welfare, for example, which is great. I reckon half my friends must be running marathons or climbing mountains for medical research.

I wanted my gift to go somewhere with a different compass. I think everyone has to find his or her own connections.

A colleague came round at work to see if anyone was interested in charitable giving. I knew I wanted to find another cause to support and I knew my money would go further donated direct from my salary because the income tax otherwise payable on my £5 gift goes to Amnesty instead of the tax man.

The amount every month doesn’t hurt me much – but it gives you a good feeling that you’re helping other people… read more

Chris Dunphy
Customer Service Officer
Clydesdale Bank

Chris says…

Each month I give £5 direct from my salary to the British Heart Foundation. The bank matches our personal donations pound for pound so my £5 become £10. This means the British Heart Foundation gets £10 which only only costs me £4.

I like supporting my chosen charity in such an easy way. There are heart problems in some of my family, so I want to give something back to this charity for making a difference to the people close to me.

The amount every month doesn’t hurt me much – but it gives you a good feeling that you’re helping other people.

Not long after I joined the bank a lady came round and explained to me about giving in the workplace and I signed up. Hopefully we can get more people to join in if we can make the benefits more noticeable at work.

Because I’m a higher rate tax payer, my charity actually gets £10 for every £6 I give. That’s the really good bit… read more

Lisa Condron
Company Secretary
London Stock Exchange

Lisa says…

At the end of each year I get asked how I want to spend my flexible benefits. So I scroll down a list of on-screen options and select charitable giving. Simple.

It was important to me I choose a charity that meant something to me personally. I had a grandparent who died of bowel cancer so I opted to make a donation each month to Bowel and Cancer Research.

Giving to charity direct from your salary is tax free. And because I’m a higher rate tax payer, my charity actually gets £10 for every £6 I give.

We all have our lists of things to do, don’t we? I guess none of us goes around with charitable giving at front of mind each day. But, yes, I’m grateful I’m in a position to do something positive. It’s great to be able to make a difference – especially when it’s this easy to support a good cause.

...if there were a simple way to show your commitment to making a difference, to changing the world for the better?

What if you could act alongside colleagues who share your values about the importance of community, environment and quality of life for all?

There is a way to influence social and consumer change, to help companies play their full part in building the kind of world you can believe in. Companies like yours. Like the one you belong to.

It's called Geared for Giving.

Are you Geared for Giving?

Are you an employer or an employee?

Employer or employee, Geared for Giving is a mark of what you stand for.

Being Geared for Giving means taking an informed decision about Workplace Giving. It's all about giving to good causes at work, direct from your salary. Any charity, any cause. Your chosen charity receives your donation tax free. So what you give could go up to 40% further. It means some 390,000 charities in the UK could be a whole lot better off.

Are you among the 70% of people in the UK who give to charity? Did you know over £900m is lost by UK charities each year - vital funds that wouldn't be lost if donations were made via Workplace Giving? It's quite simply the best way to give.

Employee or employer, shouldn't you be Geared for Giving? Read more

Being Geared for Giving is a mark of what your organisation stands for.

Is yours the kind of company that cares deeply about its public reputation? Does your business plan take account of growing numbers of employees, consumers and other stakeholders who believe it's vital for companies to act ethically?

More and more enlightened employers recognise and acknowledge the benefits of being Geared for Giving. Are you one of them? Read more

Are you among the 70% of people in the UK who give to charity? More and more of us are choosing to play our part alongside others in shaping positive change.

More and more of us are also choosing, as employees and consumers, to give our loyalty to organisations and brands with a positive story to tell.

More and more of us are choosing to be Geared for Giving.

Being Geared for Giving means taking an informed decision about Workplace Giving. It's all about giving to good causes at work, direct from your salary. Any charity, any cause. Read more

Alex Corbisiero

Alex Corbisiero

England & Lions rugby player

“Charities like Together for Short Lives, which I am proud to support, rely on the continued generosity of people giving their time and their money. Workplace Giving is a great idea as it makes giving really easy, with the benefit of many employers topping up their employees donations. I am pleased to give my support to the Geared for Giving Campaign.”

Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society

Nick Hurd MP

Former Minister for Civil Society

“During my time as Minister for Civil Society I was pleased to support the Geared for Giving Campaign, it was one of the first engagements I went to as a Minister and I am happy to give my continued support.”

Martin Lewis, MoneySavingExpert.com

Martin Lewis


“While charity tins are all very well, sadly it's not tax efficient – you could give more at lower cost. With charity funds being hit across the country due to the recession, we all need to get behind every venture that encourages people to give, give easily and give efficiently. A few quid a month off the payroll is an easy way to automate giving and ensure that the charity gets the maximum tax gain too”

Lawrence Dallaglio OBE, The Dallaglio Foundation

Lawrence Dallaglio OBE

The Dallaglio Foundation

“The Dallaglio Foundation gives opportunity, ability and support to young people from all backgrounds. Through the platform and inherent values of sport, our programmes leave them more employable, socially responsible and making positive decisions to lead better lives. Workplace Giving plays a vital role in funding our work. We encourage all who believe in what we do to sign up and help us lift and give back to a generation full of promises.”

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Helena Kennedy QC

Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws

From supporting the Campaign over the past couple of years my biggest learning is that awareness of the scheme is still so low, but employers who make it easy for their staff to engage can see huge improvements in their uptakes and ultimately monies raised for the charitable sector

Alex Polizzi

Alex Polizzi

I think that if something is worth doing it is always worth doing well, which is why I would advocate every company putting in place and promoting a Workplace Giving scheme as it is the most tax effective way to give to charity. Also, it can help to motivate staff and makes them feel part of a worthwhile organisation.

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