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We want everyone in the UK to be Geared for Giving at work…
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Duncan Bannatyne
Chairman of Bannatyne Fitness
and star of Dragon's Den

Duncan says…

It’s been over 7 years since I was asked to help launch the Geared for Giving Campaign

Workplace Giving, like all good ideas is simple. I wanted to encourage other business leaders by taking up the challenge and getting my company Geared for Giving.

In the current economic climate it is more important than ever to ensure that all donations made to good causes are done in the most tax efficient way possible.

I would urge every employer, large or small, to ensure that they are part of the Campaign; that they have a scheme in place, promote the scheme and help to spread the word to their customers and suppliers.

When we launched the Campaign our target was to open the scheme up to a million more employees. We achieved this, but there is much more to do.

It’s part of our company ethos now and so we would encourage any company to get Geared for Giving.… read more

Nick Robertson
Managing Director

Nick says…

ASOS are a cutting edge, young, vibrant and trendy company, a place where people enjoy working and we think that donating to charity, any charity, directly from pay is a contemporary way to give something back, which fits perfectly with who we are.

We have generous colleagues at ASOS and wanted to provide a scheme that gave them the flexibility to choose where they give, in the most straightforward way possible.

The scheme had to grow rapidly with our expanding workforce and we are delighted that now over 20% of our team are taking part. We hope that the scheme will become deeply embedded in our company’s culture and that on a wider scale, giving from pay, will become a trend.

It’s definitely a good thing if your employer offers this scheme – it tells you something about their attitude… read more

Daniel Taylor
Floor Manager

Daniel says…

While I was at our Brent Cross store someone came round and explained all about the scheme and asked which charity I might want to support.

I decided to support a charity that maybe wasn’t quite as well known as some of the others. It’s great that you get to choose.

I give £5 every month to Refuge. They help women and children who are suffering from domestic violence. I think that’s a good cause to support.

Personally, I would rather give than receive, but everyone has to make up his or her own mind. There are lots of people who aren’t as well off, so I tend to think ‘we’re the lucky ones’. But I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.

It’s definitely a good thing if your employer offers this scheme – it tells you something about their attitude. I think all companies should have it.

Because I’m a higher rate tax payer, my charity actually gets £10 for every £6 I give. That’s the really good bit… read more

Lisa Condron
Company Secretary
London Stock Exchange

Lisa says…

At the end of each year I get asked how I want to spend my flexible benefits. So I scroll down a list of on-screen options and select charitable giving. Simple.

It was important to me I choose a charity that meant something to me personally. I had a grandparent who died of bowel cancer so I opted to make a donation each month to Bowel and Cancer Research.

Giving to charity direct from your salary is tax free. And because I’m a higher rate tax payer, my charity actually gets £10 for every £6 I give.

We all have our lists of things to do, don’t we? I guess none of us goes around with charitable giving at front of mind each day. But, yes, I’m grateful I’m in a position to do something positive. It’s great to be able to make a difference – especially when it’s this easy to support a good cause.

The amount every month doesn’t hurt me much – but it gives you a good feeling that you’re helping other people… read more

Chris Dunphy
Customer Service Officer
Clydesdale Bank

Chris says…

Each month I give £5 direct from my salary to the British Heart Foundation. The bank matches our personal donations pound for pound so my £5 become £10. This means the British Heart Foundation gets £10 which only only costs me £4.

I like supporting my chosen charity in such an easy way. There are heart problems in some of my family, so I want to give something back to this charity for making a difference to the people close to me.

The amount every month doesn’t hurt me much – but it gives you a good feeling that you’re helping other people.

Not long after I joined the bank a lady came round and explained to me about giving in the workplace and I signed up. Hopefully we can get more people to join in if we can make the benefits more noticeable at work.

I think my travels have opened my eyes to the way some of the world treats the rest of the world… read more

Vicki Graham
Customer Service Officer

Vicki says…

I give £5 each month to Amnesty International because they touch on issues I feel strongly about, like personal freedoms and human rights. I think my travels have informed my view and opened my eyes to the way some of the world treats the rest of the world.

A lot of people I know give to children’s causes or animal welfare, for example, which is great. I reckon half my friends must be running marathons or climbing mountains for medical research.

I wanted my gift to go somewhere with a different compass. I think everyone has to find his or her own connections.

A colleague came round at work to see if anyone was interested in charitable giving. I knew I wanted to find another cause to support and I knew my money would go further donated direct from my salary because the income tax otherwise payable on my £5 gift goes to Amnesty instead of the tax man.

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David Bennett
David Bennett

Group Chief Executive

Sanctuary Group

Sanctuary Group

As a charitable organisation, our staff understand the importance of giving something back to the community which is why we were keen to support Geared for Giving’s workplace payroll scheme. It provides an easy and tax efficient method for employees to contribute to their favourite charities, and both the organisation and our staff have given the scheme their full backing.

Tanya Steele
Tanya Steele

Executive Director, Fundraising

Save The Children

Save The Children

We are delighted that so many of our employees signed up to give this way as a result of our Workplace Giving campaign. As a charity, Workplace Giving is a valued stream of income and it is great to see that our own employees were keen to take part. People were encouraged to support a charity of their choice and we are proud that 36 causes, including Save the Children, benefited from this campaign- a great result. We also reached Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award as recognition of our employee’s commitment to charitable causes, something to be proud of as a organisation.

Stewart Prodger
Stewart Prodger

Communications Manager

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

We wanted to encourage payroll giving but didn’t have the time and resources to champion it effectively. Using Workplace Giving made a new impetus possible, and multi-site presentations successfully raised awareness and increased take-up, so everyone has benefited.

Diane Martyn
Diane Martyn

Chief Executive Officer

Select Group

Select Group

We’re committed to providing our staff with the opportunity to give something back as individuals and as a company. I am delighted to be in a position to raise the profile of Workplace Giving and would strongly advise other companies to take advantage of this great scheme.

Sarah Clarke (née Bowerman)
Sarah Clarke (née Bowerman)

Head Of People Engagement

Simply Business

Simply Business

The Simply Business team feels passionate about giving something back and really making an impact on society. We are delighted to confirm that nearly 30% of our employees have signed up to donate to their chosen charities in this way. We currently match the donations employees make to our company charity, Kids Company. Our passion and commitment to giving something back has helped us make it into the Sunday Times Best Small Companies in 2014 list.

Martin Ott
Martin Ott


Skrill Holdings

Skrill Holdings

We launched Workplace Giving at Skrill Holdings two years ago at the request of our employees. Geared for Giving is an easy way for our employees to give to their chosen charities, which is why the level of participation has been so high. We are delighted to be part of a scheme that enables our employees to give something back in such a simple way.

Jean Morgan
Jean Morgan


South Northamptonshire Council

South Northamptonshire Council

It’s the flexibility which is so excellent, and the small scale regular giving ethos which is really important to charities, especially in this economic climate. Why wouldn’t you put it in place? That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to tell others about it.

Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson


St. James’s Place Foundation

St. James’s Place Foundation

As someone with an assurance background, I fully understand the value a monthly contribution can make to a persons future or indeed in the case of a charitable cause. As Founder and Chairman of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, I am extremely proud that over 80% of its partners and employees give generously to the SJP Foundation through their pay and earnings.

Richard Lowther
Richard Lowther

Executive Vice President Human Resources



Symbian is proud to support the Workplace Giving scheme. The strong participation of Symbian’s employees is testament to a company that lives its values and brand by contributing to its environment as well as its business.